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Top tips to fight fraud

We all need to be vigilant in the fight against fraud. Remember: don't fall for the trick. Think before you click.

Do not respond to unsolicited e-mails, text messages, websites, or pop-up windows that request personal or confidential information.

Do not trust unusual, high-pressure, or urgent phone calls, especially if they ask for any personal information or your login details. 

Do not share your banking passwords with anyone.

Do not open attachments or click hyperlinks in emails or text messages that are sent by someone you don't know or recognize.

Do use a different password for every login account you have for an app or website. 

Do create long and strong passwords by using a combination of letters and numbers. If you think your banking password has been compromised, change it immediately.

Do keep your mobile phone and desktop software secure by installing the latest updates when prompted.

Do sign up for eStatements to reduce the risk of identity theft from statements stolen from your mail or recycling bin.

Learn about common scams

Find out how to recognize typical tricks and identify a scam.

How we keep you safe

From sign in to sign out, your information is protected by multiple layers of security.

Online Security Guarantee

Your financial and personal information is safe, secure, and protected by our Online Security Guarantee.


eStatements provide 24/7 secure access to your account balances and statements. Plus, you'll reduce the risk of identity theft from statements stolen from your mail or recycling bin.


Savanna InfoAlerts keep you notified of transactions on your accounts. Set up InfoAlerts on any of your accounts, credit cards, lines of credit, or business accounts.

Security Guarantee

We will fully reimburse you for any direct financial losses from unauthorized activity1 in your accounts2 through our online or mobile banking services provided you have met your security responsibilities.

Privacy and Security FAQs

Call us immediately at +18152158429 ( +18152158429 for TTY service).

Some of the most common elements in a phishing (email scam) or smishing (text messaging scam) include:

  • A message asking you to confirm any personal information
  • Attachments such as a fake invoice that requires payment
  • An exciting false promise (you have won!) or an upsetting false threat (your account will be closed)
  • An urgent tone claiming a problem with your account or payment details
  • A request for personal banking information, including usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, or social insurance numbers
  • A generic message that's not personalized (Dear customer)
  • Spelling and grammar errors

Find out how you can protect yourself from common scams.

Biometric authentication, such as Touch ID for Apple and fingerprint for Android, lets you sign in to the Savanna Trust app using fingerprint or face recognition instead of a password (on eligible devices).

To set up biometric authentication:

  • From the app's Home screen, tap More
  • Tap Privacy and security
  • Tap Manage Touch ID (or fingerprint or Face ID, depending on your device) and follow the on-screen instructions

You can update your password through mobile or online banking.

Mobile banking app:

  • On the sign-in screen, tap Forgot your username or password?
  • Enter your User ID or Account Number
  • Follow the instructions to reset your password

Online banking:

  • On the sign-in page, select Forgot your username or password?
  • Follow the instructions to reset your password

You can review or update your security questions or answers through mobile or online banking.

Mobile banking app:

  • From the app's Home screen, tap More
  • Tap Privacy and security
  • Tap Change security questions
  • Select a new question, enter the answer, and tap Update security questions

Online banking:

  • From the top menu, select Manage My Accounts
  • Select Security & Passwords
  • Select Update Security Questions
  • Follow the instructions to update your information