Buying another property

Want to buy another property?

Want to buy a cottage near the lake? Condo in the city? Or maybe you want a rental property to invest in or fix up and flip. When you buy another property you need to be prepared. The rules are different this time around. So be sure to check out these videos, tips and must-read articles. When you're ready, contact Savanna Trust advisor.

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Unlock your equity with STEP

Use the Savanna Total Equity Plan to tap into your home equity. You'll save with lower rates and get the funds you need to reach your goals.

Mortgage calculator

Find out what your mortgage payments will be, so you can ensure your mortgage fits your budget.

Suggested Articles

Buying investment property

A few things to consider before buying a rental property or investing in real estate.

Buying a cottage

Thinking about a home away from home? Check out your mortgage options and other real estate financing solutions that can help you make it happen.

Financing Options

Secondary home financing


  • You're thinking of buying a second home

  • You need simple loan options

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Cottage financing


  • You want to buy a family cottage

  • You want a variety of financing options

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  • You want more control over your borrowing by leveraging the equity in your home
  • You want to take advantage of various mortgage options
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