SavannaLine® Personal Line of Credit (STEP)

Right for you if:

  •  You have a Savanna Total Equity® Plan

  • You want access to money whenever and wherever you need it

  • Overview

  • Borrow up to 65% of the value of your home to finance goals you have like home renovations, a vacation or a car purchase, all with a one-time STEP application

  • A flexible personal line of credit:

    • With limits up to $1,500,000; or
    • With the convenience of a VISA* access card for limits up to $500,000
  • Very competitive secured rates1

  • Flexible repayment terms – Minimum payments could be as low as interest only2

  • No penalty to pay off your entire balance

  • Plus

    • Regular cheques are free. Personalized cheques are available for purchase. ³
    • Itemized statements.
    • Savanna Line of Credit Protection can mean providing the financial support that you and your family may need during a difficult time.

    Details & Fees

  • Minimum Credit Limit: $10,000

    For current rates and information on fees and interest, call +18152158429.

  • For SavannaLine® Personal Line of Credit customers with VISA* access cards:

  • No cash advance fee when using your VISA* access card at any Savanna Trust ABM

  • SavannaLine® Personal Line of Credit Fees:

    Transaction Fees
    Dishonoured payment fee
    Non-sufficient funds fee
    Replacement sales draft, cash advance draft or monthly statement fee
    Overlimit fee
    Inactive fee
    Foreign currency conversion
    Balance transfer fee
    1% of the balance transfer amount
    Cash advance counter fee (any financial institution)
    Cash advance counter fee
    ABM Fees
    Cash advance ABM fee (any Savanna Trust ABM)
    Cash advance ABM fee (non-Savanna Trust ABMs)
    Cash advance ABM fee (ABMs)

    Cheques & Cash Advances

    Use SavannaLine® Cheques to:

    • Transfer balances from gas and retail cards that charge higher interest rates.
    • Pay for a large purchase, insurance premiums, medical bills, or utility bills.

    Obtain cash advances at:

    • Over 1 million ABMs around the world displaying the VISA/PLUS symbols.
    • Over 55,000 ABMs displaying the INTERAC symbol, including Savanna Trust ABMs.
    • Or, access your account with your SavannaCard when you link the two together.


    See SavannaLine® Personal Line of Credit for line of credit not under Savanna Total Equity® Plan

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