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  • Where to begin?
    Whether you're saving for an education, your retirement or a second home, saving automatically is the first step to increasing your savings and being on your way to financial health. When you save automatically you accumulate money without even noticing. We can offer you advice on how to get started - with helpful articles, useful tools and videos to help you save automatically and effortlessly.

  • Pay yourself first
    Once you start making automatic contributions to your investment accounts and get rolling with programs like Bank The Rest®, you'll be saving with ease in no time.

  • Save Smart - just do what you always do
    Save by choosing the right day-to-day banking options, save by paying with your debit or credit card and make automatic contributions when you get your paycheque.

  • Helpful Articles

    Be Rewarded for your Banking
    Lifestyles often change; make sure your day-to-day banking choices keep up with those changes.

    Simpler Ways to Save
    Saving doesn't have to be complicated; we can help you get back to the basics and save without even thinking about it.


    Mortgage-Free Faster Calculator

    Learn how to borrow wisely.

    Start saving with Savanna Total Equity Plan

    STEP helps you save by letting you decide how and when you'll use your available credit.

    Bank The Rest

    The Bank The Rest savings program lets you automatically round up your debit purchases to the nearest $1 or $5.

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