Be Rewarded for Your Banking

Banking Basics

Day to day banking is something we often set and forget, but lifestyle and banking habits may change. It's a good idea to re-visit your current banking choices and see if they you're getting the most rewards for your current banking style.

Banking the Way you Choose

Do you primarily use Automated Banking Machines (ABMs), or do you prefer to visit your local branch? Make sure your account choices fit your lifestyle and banking habits.

Here are a few questions to help find the right fit:

  • Lots of transactions? If you access your account many times throughout the month, you can benefit from using an account with one fee that covers all your transactions.
  • Less need for transactions? If you have few monthly transactions or use non-branch (phone or online) access, you could benefit from a per-transaction account or fewer transaction bundle.
  • Large balances? You may want to take advantage of accounts that provide free banking for minimum balances, or investment options that let your money grow and offer you liquidity based on your needs.
  • Students welcome. If you're a student, you can save with an account that offers minimal fees for student customers already managing the burden of school expenses.

Find your fit faster—you'll find most banks offer online tools that can help you determine what type of account you need. A few clicks can give you a “just right” banking package suggestion.

Bank when it's convenient for you

With so many ways to access your accounts and investments - online, by phone, through your mobile device and at an ABM--it's easy to manage your finances, your way.

To maximize your banking convenience consider:

  • Accessing cash conveniently. Make certain your bank has a large ABM network that you can easily access when you travel abroad.
  • Does your debit card travel? Find out if you can use your bankcard at stores, other banks, or local ABMs and learn the fees associated with each, for savings and your records.
  • Convenient banking options. You deserve the convenience of making transactions wherever you have access to a phone or the web. See if your financial institution offers you the ability to perform most day-to-day banking transactions online or by phone.

A Checklist of Savings

Make sure you're taking advantage of simple banking steps that can bring you more savings.

Here are some banking saving tips:

  • Hate paperwork? Use pre-authorized debit payments to keep up with bills instead of mailing a cheque. And if you do write cheques, don't forget to put overdraft protection on the account where you pay bills and avoid surprise NSF charges.
  • A few steps may save you money. You may incur additional charges if you use an ABM that doesn't belong to your bank. When possible use your own bank's ABM network to access your accounts.
  • A great fit can save. If you tend to only use non-branch methods of banking, look for a “self-service” banking package that allows you to bank online, by phone, or via the ABM. It's typically less expensive than a package that assumes you'll be using the services of a branch.
  • Convenience without a cost. When you shop in stores, pay with “plastic” and save on interest by using your debit card. And if you're going to need cash, ask if the store offers cash back when you pay with your bankcard.
  • Save a few trees and your files. Consider “paperless” banking. You can manage your finances online, which means less clutter. You can also get copies of cheques via online banking.
  • Pay yourself first. Make savings easier by setting up pre-approved contributions to a savings account or investment like an RRSP. Your money automatically grows and it's one less monthly transaction to remember.
  • Consolidate and save. Have your chequing in one bank, your VISA in another and your RRSP in a third? Save on paperwork and possibly fees by switching all your banking to one bank. It's easier to track your financial portfolio and you may be able to save on fees or get access to accounts with higher interest.

To review your banking needs with Savanna Trust's banking packages, either stop by a local branch, or use our Account Selector today. Just a couple of questions give you an idea of what accounts would suit your banking habits.

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